Roll to Roll flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing technology has been moving forward at light speed in the past several years. At Finpak we see the importance of keeping up with these changes so we are able to produce the highest quality printing possible. A lot of our success can be directly attributed to the team of suppliers we have assembled and their ongoing support. We can print simple line work or high end process depending on the level of difficulty required. We print up to 48" wide and have 48" O.D. unwind and rewind capabilities. Our standard core sizes are 3, 5, or 6 inch I.D. depending on your shaft size. We use only environmentally friendly water based inks! We also pride ourselves on producing great roll geometry. Our rolls are tight and straight like you get from a paper mill. This quality is far under valued when running rolls on a machine or even just handling them.

Popcorn Bags
Sugar and Flour Bags
Film Laminated Bags
Flat and Satchel Bags
X-Ray Envelopes
Security Envelopes
Roll to Roll Printing